4-day nationalized “PrivatBank”: fully public, restrictions and scandal

4-day nationalized “PrivatBank”: fully public, restrictions and scandal


A new top management started to manage the Bank.

Today, December 22, first full day, when nationalized “PrivatBank” 100% passed into state property. The work was started by new management and the old top managers of “PrivatBank” made a loud scandalous statements against the national Bank.

The new Chairman of the Board for the state of “Privat” was the ex-Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak. At the time, he worked in the “PrivatBank” in a managerial position. In the Central office of the Bank in the river, he came with Finance Minister Alexander Danyluk and first Deputy Chairman of the national Bank Jacob Smoliam. After meeting with the staff of financial institutions, all three were released to reporters. The briefing was broadcast live.

Danyluk, resin and Shlapak assured that the situation with “PrivatBank” has stabilized, all the services are working, and Thursday night even promised to unlock all restrictions, introduced after nationalization. To assure that the “PrivatBank” all right, danyluk once again promised to transfer payroll services to the Ministry of Finance in a financial institution. But Shlapak noted that in “PrivatBank” he has a Deposit worth more than 200 thousand UAH and has no plans to take it from there.

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The main message – the Bank works in a usual mode, ATM cash replenish several times a day, the “PrivatBank” has enough money, and if necessary, they say, will help the state, which then “PrivatBank” will return the money.

At the same time began to retire from “PrivatBank” former top executives. Among them – and IT-Director Dmitry Dubilet. He on his page in Facebook said that the leadership of the national Bank deliberately “drowned”, “PrivatBank” and argues:
“1. “Hole 148 billion” was formed not as a result of the withdrawal, and the abrupt and, we believe, unfair change of the rules of the game from the NBU.

Postulate 2. Ukrainian company bad service loans because of the crisis in the country, and not because they’re someone linked.

Postulate 3. The NBU abolished the international standards for the definition of related parties and began to be attributed to related parties, all in a row.

Postulate 4. The NBU used the refinance, issued the “PrivatBank” to cover the outflow of deposits, as an instrument of pressure.

Postulate 5. The government has initiated a number of information attacks, which led to a panic among our customers.

The main postulate. Since coming to power, Gontareva led purposeful policy of destruction of our Bank,” said Dubilet.

Night should take place a press-conference in Kiev. The Finance Minister Alexander danyluk will present members of the Supervisory Board of “PrivatBank”. He said at lunch that was composed of two state representatives, other experts from international financial organizations and independent experts of the banking sector. However, their names will be known in the evening.

The new management of “PrivatBank” assures that the work of the Bank was stabilized

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This is stated in the first message from the new Chairman of the Board of the nationalized financial institutions Oleksandr Shlapak. According to him, the Bank is working normally, and payments are made without restrictions. Today in the river a scheduled briefing, the newly appointed head of “PrivatBank”. Probably Shlapak will introduce a new team that will lead the institution. A few of the current top managers of the Bank have already announced resignation.