Wikipedia has identified the most edited article of 2016

Wikipedia has identified the most edited article of 2016


Most changes are made to the article relating to the death of famous personalities and politics.

The online resource Wikipedia has made a summary of the articles most edited in 2016. This statistic identifies all the main events of the year, and is a reflection of what the Wikipedia article people want to see on their own and therefore edit them.

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So, according to the resource, most changes are made to the articles by well-known personalities who passed away this year, in particular, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, John Glenn. Generally, the materials of the “Death in 2016,” suffered 18230 edits.

The following 5 steps took articles related to politics. Among them, 8933 times-edited article about Donald trump. Also, the list includes the article “Presidential elections in the United States”, “Approval of presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton” and “Presidential “primaries” Republican party”.

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After that, the statistics of Wikipedia is the article about the shooting at the club in Orlando, which occurred on June 12.

Interesting is edited material from the Wikipedia article titled “Bailando 2015”. This article focuses on the latest season of the long dance competitions in Argentina, which took place last year. The material was introduced 5432 edits.

Tenth place was taken by the article “Music of South Korea in 2016.” At the same time, 20 place was the material about Vincent van Gogh, whose page has changed 3551 times this year.

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