Kolomoisky first comments on the nationalization of “PrivatBank”

Kolomoisky first comments on the nationalization of “PrivatBank”

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The businessman thanked the Cabinet and said, as the national Bank of Ukraine “Dodavah” Bank.

Former co-owner of “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky for the first time commented on the nationalization of the Bank.

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“In this difficult to the former shareholders of the time, I would like to give a short comment on the nationalization of “PrivatBank” three theses.

1. I want to thank the Cabinet of Ministers and personally to Volodymyr Groysman.

As you know, the latest wave of client panic, provoked primarily by the actions of the NBU, we were forced to turn to the Cabinet of Ministers with a proposal on the transfer of “PrivatBank” to the state.

I believe that the Prime Minister and his team showed real courage to take this difficult decision. If they hadn’t decided to take this step, it would put at risk the entire financial system of Ukraine.

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2. “PrivatBank” has become a victim of the tyranny of the NBU.

The “PrivatBank” was balanced secured loan portfolio, as confirmed by international audit. However, the NBU, constantly changing their own rules, invented new ways of artificially reducing the capitalization of the Bank.

Then they began to talk about the mythical hole 150 billion, 97% of related loans, that all the money stolen or taken offshore. Although these figures they received as a result of any changes in accounting policies.

Normal Central banks to help banks in difficult times such as economic crises, occupation or war. Our controller used all possible techniques to break the resistance of “PrivatBank”. And, unfortunately, he did it.

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3. The most important thing in the result of the decision not affected the Bank’s customers.

How hard and sad was, during all the negotiations we should remember that the most important thing is the clients of PrivatBank. I find it funny to hear that Kolomoisky was blackmailing someone by threatening to bring down the “PrivatBank”. We defended our Bank to the last, but exactly to the moment until we feel the threat to customers. And the rest, history will put everything in its place.

Well, to finish on a positive note, I will Express the hope that the new majority shareholder, the state, and a new Board led by Mr Shlapak, is to hold high the banner of “PrivatBank”, you will find a common language with all customers of the Bank will maintain and increase its high standards. I hope that the new management not only will meet next year the 25th anniversary of the Bank, but will also lay the Foundation for its 50th anniversary.

Thank you for your attention”.

The new management of “PrivatBank” assures that the work of the Bank was stabilized

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This is stated in the first message from the new Chairman of the Board of the nationalized financial institutions Oleksandr Shlapak. According to him, the Bank is working normally, and payments are made without restrictions. Today in the river a scheduled briefing, the newly appointed head of “PrivatBank”. Probably Shlapak will introduce a new team that will lead the institution. A few of the current top managers of the Bank have already announced resignation.

We will remind, on the nationalization of “PrivatBank” became known late on Sunday evening, December 18. Wednesday, December 21, the financial institution officially became a state property. The Ministry of Finance bought “PrivatBank” Deposit guarantee Fund of natural persons for a symbolic one hryvnia.

The transition period lasted for 72 hours. Monday, December 19, the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva said that “Privat” is classified as insolvent. According to her, the Bank’s capital deficit was 116 billion UAH, and 97% of the corporate loan portfolio was distributed to companies related to shareholders. This “hole”, the state plans to close the bond issue Treasury bonds. The first tranche of securities of 43 billion UAH will be released before the end of the year.

Former top managers of the Bank refuted the claims of the NBU in the presence of holes 148 billion. “The Bank worked fine, and was able to work on. Mythical holes are all the result of the change in accounting policy of the national Bank, who stopped to take account of those liens, which we had and which were taken into account”, – said the former Chairman of the Board of PrivatBank Alexander Dubilet.