Birch denied that will replace Savchenko in PACE

Birch denied that will replace Savchenko in PACE

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According to him, the Parliament will choose her instead of another candidate.

Extra fractional people’s Deputy Borislav Birch denied that replaces Nadiya Savchenko in Ukrainian delegation to the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

He declared it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, instead of Savchenko, the Verkhovna Rada will elect the other deputies.

“I’m not replacing the Hope Savchenko. I was previously a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the PACE, I was Deputy Savchenko. Each of us passed the quota, I was independent. All other factions have given their quota to get her out of jail. For today it is free, so the delegation could say goodbye to her. So I do not replace it. In his place, is elected another member, the candidate will be elected by the Parliament”, – said Birch.

Savchenko meeting with the leaders of the militants was the cause of its exclusion from the delegation to PACE

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MPs reversed its decision of two years ago, which has included Savchenko in the delegation. Although officially it is designed as a technical solution, parliamentarians do not hide that, in fact, its cause is Savchenko meeting with rebel leaders, and her statements about them. Itself Savchenko appeared today in Berlin, where for a European audience repeated his thesis.