The army of werewolves. In the Donbas has exposed a network of informants militants, which killed people

The army of werewolves. In the Donbas has exposed a network of informants militants, which killed people

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The detainees explained that the leaked information is not for the money and want to return to the Soviet Union.

While Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass step by step liberate the occupied territory, for them to raise their heads those who are willing to shoot back. Such do not yet exist.

The security service of Ukraine exposed a network of agents of the insurgents. For months dozens of people have been systematically fed the rebels information on the Ukrainian line of defense in Turecka. One accurate shot counterintelligence was able to cover the network.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

An elderly woman without any hesitation to kill Ukrainian soldiers. In the afternoon she received a Ukrainian pension. The evening definitely brought the enemy artillery at Ukrainian positions. To the question: “why?” can not answer.

“Ukraine is normal. Pension, thank God, is paid”, – said the pensioner Olga Lyubochko.

It was a korrektirovshchitsa fire fighters. At least one call, people have died here.

This woman is only a part of a powerful network, which the enemy had deployed to Ukrainian border villages. Find those who have in mind the “noisy Russian birch”, and in the bosom stones for Ukrainian soldiers, it is not difficult.

Network of informants – branched. Different people, status means. Someone supplied information to the insurgents with their families, not thinking about the danger to their own children. The system worked like clockwork. But her job had been terminated.

To take an enemy agent is easy. Typically, the traitors in front-line villages feel confident and not too concerned about security.

Counterintelligence detained Anatoly Accept that “merged” to militants of the information about the positions of the Armed forces of Ukraine. The agent worked as a family contract. Attracted to collect his wife and daughter.

“I just shared with and loved what I saw,” cries the daughter of an agent of the insurgents Victoria.

But father there – at work, digging coal. At the exit of the mine waiting for him counterintelligence. Later, it turns out that his son is also fighting against Ukraine. The last task of the miner-shifter is to gather information about the defense systems in Turecka.

Coordinator of the information network of the Roman Korovin, better known as “Rambo”, is located in occupied Gorlovka. He is a former officer of the interior Ministry along with the other traitor Sergey Gromenko has created a network of informants in Turecka. In telephone conversations Gorlovka curators as they can incite hatred of its agents to the Ukrainian army.

They speak the same language. The language of hatred. A lot of them. According to intelligence against Ukraine in the front line are hundreds of werewolves. The program maximum – to reveal the system of the Ukrainian defence. Minimum program – to inflict as much losses to the Armed forces. Action “owl” is mobilizing all the contacts in Turecka – friends, relatives, his own wife, even an ex-lover. More than a dozen people.

“I did not give information. I just talked with my brother-in-law”, says another informant militants Alexander Shevchenko.

He was lying, as evidenced by the intercepted telephone conversations. The female voice belongs to the wife of the gunman Filatov. She suggests – he shoots. Did not have time to escape from the city, it came in the night.

None of them received money for their dirty work. They say that they were born in the Soviet Union and want to return to those days.

But in the dark Torect, unfortunately, left a lot similar to the detainees. Those who hate the present, and for the past willing to kill their own future.

Andriy Tsaplienko