Ukraine is fighting against an evil occupation. The mission to the UN explained the vote in Israel

Ukraine is fighting against an evil occupation. The mission to the UN explained the vote in Israel

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Diplomats emphasize that there are fundamental matters of state, a position which may not change depending on the political situation.

At the Permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN, explained why he supported the security Council resolution, which called on Israel to halt settlement activity in the Palestinian territories.

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“The search for solutions to conflict today is not in the deepest crisis in its history. The lack of prospects for the resuscitation of the peace process between Israel and Palestine almost daily results in the worsening of the security situation in Israel and the West Bank of the Jordan river. Against this background, an unprecedented settlement activity of Israel in the Palestinian territories is unlikely to help to curb violence,” say the diplomats.

The mission noted that at the beginning of the draft resolution was much tougher for Israel, and was subsequently modified and balanced by inclusion of the requirements of the security agencies of the Palestinian national authority to be active in the fight against terrorism, and to take immediate steps to prevent any violent actions against the civilian population, including terrorist acts; provisions about the importance of bringing to justice those responsible for terrorist acts, strengthening efforts in the fight against terrorism and the maintenance of cooperation in the field of security to prevent violence and terrorist attacks.

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“The final text of the resolution has been reduced to the repetition of many provisions of the existing documents of the UN security Council. Not new is the call for Israel to halt settlement activity as a necessary condition for resolving the conflict with the Palestinians based on the principle of coexistence of two States. ALL parties (and certainly the Palestinian!) are encouraged to take collective efforts to achieve peace and security in the middle East peace process”, – stated in the message representation.

“Any vote of Ukraine, except for, for a resolution calling for the cessation of the illegal activities in the territories, which under international law have the status of occupied, does not fit with our struggle on the diplomatic (and in the case of the Donbas and battle) front against the temporary occupation by the Russian aggressor of the Crimea and parts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. After all, the evil of occupation is exactly the opposite of what Ukraine desperately fighting for two years at all international platforms. What we uncompromisingly criticized other States which are trying to occupy a halfway position in response to the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine”, – said the diplomat.

They added that “there are fundamental public issues, the position of which can not and should not change depending on a political conjuncture”.

“There are national interests which not always coincide with the interests of our partners, particularly Israel. From which it is impossible or “abstained”, nor, especially, to vote against”, – said in a statement.

“We believe that mutual respect for each other’s positions, ability to listen and hear the interlocutor, a high level political dialogue between our States will remain the Foundation of cooperation between Ukraine and Israel in the framework of the UN” – hopefully in the representation.

Ukraine – Israel: diplomatic scandals have brought two States to a standstill

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In Uman, unidentified persons desecrated a sacred place of the Hasidim: the walls and floor of the synagogue filled with red paint, and brought a pig’s head with engraved swastika. The police investigate the incident. At the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN spoke against Israel’s right to build settlements in the Palestinian territories. Now Ukraine is not only an insult to Israelis, but also the Donald trump.

We will remind, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that recognizes Israel’s illegal settlements in the Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. Such a resolution was adopted for the first time thanks to the U.S. delegation, which did not veto, as before, and merely abstained.

In the final document urge Israel to cease the construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory. Such settlements are called “a flagrant violation of international law” and such, that have no legal force. The security Council demanded that Israel immediately cease settlement activity.

Israel, in turn, refused to recognize the resolution and accused the Obama administration into agreements with the UN behind of tel Aviv. In a statement on behalf of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel intends to cooperate with the administration of Donald trump and congressmen to “avoid the consequences of this absurd resolution.”

Israel recalls its ambassadors from the countries-sponsors of the resolution of the UN security Council. Also a Senegal will not get help from tel Aviv. 24 December, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu canceled an official visit to the country, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.