The blogger explained on the facts, why liberated women don’t think of captive insurgents

The blogger explained on the facts, why liberated women don’t think of captive insurgents

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In turn, instead of these two “prisoners,” Ukraine “voluntarily” will give 15 people from the list on the exchange.

Terrorists “DNR” today, December 27, handed over two captive women to the head of the Central release of prisoners “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban.

The transfer took place in the occupied territory between Donetsk and Makeyevka. Earlier , the militants said that a sign of good faith transfer of the two prisoners “representative of the people of Ukraine” Savchenko, its the same on the transfer was not.

It should be noted that Savchenko is not a representative of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

“As a goodwill gesture on the eve of New year and Christmas, we without any conditions, pass to the representative of the people of Ukraine Hope Savchenko two women – Angelica Presnyakov and Olga, Svorak”, – said the terrorists.

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The first captive journalist from the Ivano Frankivsk Olga Svorak, according to the blogger Miroslav Oleshko.

It is reported that the woman went to 2015 in the Russian-occupied territory. On her “interrogation” of terrorists, Svorak behaves in absolutely calm, balanced, not nervous, as if nothing had happened. Captive painted with blush, eye shadow and lipstick on her face. Its kind of hard to say that she was brutally tortured and kept in inhuman conditions.

During the interrogation, Svorak said that, she went to her beloved, who is the terrorist organizations of the Kremlin “LC”. This is absolutely true, and here are her words about what her recruiting SBU is a lie. Because not recruit SBU woman whose favorite terrorist “LNR”.

The blogger also notes that the friends in the social network, Svorak in the section “colleagues” found the separatist and terrorist accomplice Ruslan Cocabo, who though born in Western Ukraine, but is a collaborator. At the same time in 2012 kotsaba published a video with Svorak on his YouTube channel. Also, a couple of days ago kotsaba was performed on one of the channels, where he actively supported Savchenko.

It is noted that in October 2015, Sorak went to occupied Crimea, where the rest of the terrorist. In the photo from social networks together with Svorak the man, and on his breast the icon of the “new Russia”.


As for the second captive, her name is Angelica Presnyakov. The woman was a judge in Novoazovsk.

In 2009, she led a high-profile case in Novoazovsk at the suit of the resident of the village of Bezimenne Vasily Kovalenko, who sued the district newspaper “Native Azov sea”. Newspaper in one of the materials claimed that the famine of 1932-33 was genocide against that and tried to challenge in court, Mr. Kovalenko. It should be noted that Kovalenko, the claim was denied completely.

According to information from social networks, Presniakovas 49 years old, she has a husband, sister and daughter. In turn, sister Svetlana Emelyanova occupied the city Novoazovsk believes Russia and actively post pictures of terrorists “DNR”. Her daughter lives in Rostov-on-don. And the daughter of Presniakovas Lena Yarovaya lives in Donetsk, constantly posting new photos and lives quite a normal life, never saying that her mother in which there captivity and she needs help.

According to the blogger, the Kremlin therefore decided propiarit Savchenko, passing through it, the people under the guise of prisoners, who are recruited by agents.

This raises many questions, such as why the judge her family in the occupied territory, to go to Kiev and why would a journalist, whose lover in the occupied territory, to go to Kiev.

As it was when Nadia went to Moscow, and the prisoners of the Kremlin, to which she allegedly arrived, said he did not want to see here Savchenko, who is there just for PR.

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In turn, the journalist Yuri Butusov on his page in Facebook wrote that in order to rescue our prisoners, Ukraine is on the path of the exchange “in good faith”.

“Now the Russian media write that “DNR gave Kiev the two captured women”. Who are these “prisoners”? Maybe some agents of the SBU snipers or APU? Maybe they picked up on the battlefield? One of them is a simple woman who fell in love with a man living in the occupied territory. He invited her to himself, but then decided to get rid of, accused her of aiding the “dill” and left her “in the basement”. Other “captive” – the judge from Mariupol, occupied territory passed repeatedly. Both of these women were not in the lists of prisoners for exchange – it’s just the hostages, captured without any reasons,” he said.

According to Butusova, instead of these two people, Ukraine will “voluntarily” give the right 15 people from the list on the exchange – they are all under investigation in Ukraine or have already received a court verdict.

“Pass the 6 women and 9 men, which in contrast to these two hostages were listed on the exchange. Ukraine hostages not take pass only the real terrorists, mercenaries, spies and their accomplices, which shows the enemy. Thus, Ukraine demonstrates the will to bring all of our current prisoners – of 48 people, which is confirmed by the militants which are listed on the exchange”, – the journalist added.