Become happy, gaining “excessive” weight. Fitness model told about the futile pursuit of body dreams

Become happy, gaining “excessive” weight. Fitness model told about the futile pursuit of body dreams

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Once Madeline moon started to exercise to increase self-esteem.

25-year-old fitness model Madeline moon refused their perfectly “healthy” lifestyle after over three years of exhausting my body during training to compete in fitness.

Then she ate only chicken, egg whites, oatmeal, peanut butter, broccoli and protein powder, reports the Daily Star.

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“To be a fitness model usually means a workout, but very often the girls it comes to messy food. All the time I spent chasing the “perfect body”. I woke up early to have time to workout twice, I completely isolated myself from friends and family,” admitted moon.


Photo published by Madelyn Moon (@madelynmoon)Jun 2016 13 at 4:13 PDT

The girl stepped on “the path to your dream body” even while in College, when I was not very happy with my appearance. However, three years of hard training and restrictions have not improved her self-esteem.

“I had only 6.5% body fat in that time, I suffered from flatulence due to all those proteins that I ate and the only thing I would have to say at your funeral about myself that I was “sterile consumer of food,” — said the moon about the time of the diets.

She also added that due to the constant exhaustion she several times was seriously delayed menstruation.

From the moment the girl stopped chasing body dreams, she started a motivational blog and enjoy pizza and pies.


Photo published by Madelyn Moon (@madelynmoon)Jun 6, 2016 at 4:39 PDT

“My advice to all girls who are unhappy with themselves: leave the social network, stop followit fitness models and in the end, find out who you really are without my protein shakes. If you want to feel guilty, it will take you 60 seconds on the Internet. But isn’t it easier to be happy? I choose happiness, so I am more relaxed and have control of myself,” concluded moon.

Recall that in Australia depression and extra pounds man decided to go on a strict diet: eat only potatoes. So, in one year of this regime he managed to lose 50 kg, and it feels great.