In the Cabinet explained how and why in the new year will be removed from wages by Medicare

In the Cabinet explained how and why in the new year will be removed from wages by Medicare


The only contribution to social insurance will allocate to new proportions.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine changed the distribution of the single contribution for social insurance.

With salaries for insurance in case of unemployment and temporary disability will shoot less, and contributions to the Pension Fund increase, say in Governmental portal.

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“So, according to the Government decision, the share of single contribution for insurance against unemployment reduced from 7,1767 to 6,3596 percent; insurance in connection with temporary disability and accident insurance on production reduced from 14,2657 to 11,1204 percent; pension insurance, respectively, increased from 78,5576 to 82,52%”, — stated in the message.

This decision was taken by Cabinet to balance the budgets of the Pension Fund and funds of social insurance in 2017. For this, the Cabinet amended its resolution of 26 November 2014 No. 675.

Note that the only contribution to social insurance is not included in the tax system.

The Ministry of social policy, in turn, explains that such proportion of the distribution a single fee for 2017 to take into account:

  • the parameters defined by the Law of Ukraine “On State budget of Ukraine for 2017”, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 20 December 2016;
  • new minimum wages (RS 3200);
  • financial support for the payment of pensions, allowances and increases to pensions;
  • the deficit of the Pension Fund (141,3 billion UAH).

We will remind, the Prime Minister Groysman promised to carry out inspections of entrepreneurs and to penalize those who violate labor laws against their employees. Groisman also urged to pay at least RS 3200 monthly.