With the new year state employees raise the minimum salary

With the new year state employees raise the minimum salary

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Previously the tariff rate of the first category amounted to 1,335 USD.

From January 2017 the official salary of worker of first tariff category of unified tariff will be UAH 1600, which is 265 UAH more than it was until now.

The leaders of the “budget” institutions are encouraged to set surcharges, markups and bonuses depending on the working conditions and skills of workers who receive a salary at the minimum in order to avoid “egalitarianism”, according to the Governmental portal.

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“According to the decision of the Government, from 1 January 2017, the salaries (tariff rates) are calculated based on the size of an official salary (the tariff rate) worker 1 tariff category etc, installed in the size of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons on 1 January of the calendar year. As you know, from 1 January 2017 is 1600 UAH”, — stated in the message.

The corresponding decree “About payment of workers of establishments, institutions and organizations of separate industries of the budget sphere” was made by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Implementation of the project shall be carried out within the expenses provided for salaries of employees of budgetary institutions, institutions and organizations in 2017.

We will remind, the Cabinet of Ministers has amended decree dated 26 November 2014 No. 675, resulting in change of proportion of charging a single fee for social insurance. So, with the new year of salaries will pay less for insurance in case of unemployment and insurance in connection with temporary disability and accident insurance in the workplace. However, the percentage increase in the Pension Fund.