The inhabitants of one of houses in Kiev complain of pesticide poisoning

The inhabitants of one of houses in Kiev complain of pesticide poisoning

The threat they believe a shop in the basement.

In the capital, residents of an apartment building owner accused of the poisoning. Warehouse store that is located in a basement, officially sells seeds, but the locals say that there are actually released pesticides in wholesale quantities and periodically treated the room with toxic chemicals, says the story TSN.19:30.

Through a wooden floor and the cracks in the walls of the pre-war house all the fumes fall into the apartments of residents who complain of headache and nausea. Patience is exhausted, when the student Oleg Pavlovsky almost choked to death in his own house – his with poisoning was hospitalized and barely conscious.

Residents in Kiev, accusing the entrepreneur of poisoning

TSN. 19:30
Yesterday, 21:05

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The store occupies the basement are officially selling the seeds. Informally say the local releases of the pesticides in wholesale quantities and periodically spray the rooms with pesticides. And all the fumes through a wooden floor and the cracks in the walls of pre-war houses are in the apartment.

Toxicologists examined the store and found it with the pesticides in a large quantity. Of 27 species 12 is generally prohibited for retail sale to the public. Such substances should be stored in isolated areas at least 50 metres from human habitation. Entrepreneur recommended to immediately remove the poison from the basement and the shelves it’s gone. But come and buy banned on request, as before, in any quantity. “In a small number of related products in the form of fertilizers, stimulators and growth regulators of plants that do not belong to the group of pesticides and agrochemicals… They are not harmful to others, as most of them are of natural origin, and in any case could not harm to residents,” commented the shopkeeper.

Poisoning of inhabitants of the house with his shop it does not connect. It’s really difficult to prove. “The rules are violated, we have in court to prove it. We collect documents, and the court will decide whether they work legally or illegally, cause they do not cause harm. We have no right to forbid medium business, to liquidate it”, – explained the head of Department concerning emergency situations Svyatoshinsky DSA Yuri Ishchenko. However, warn the doctors, playing against local residents, because long-term exposure to toxic substances threatens oncological diseases, genetic mutations and disorders of the nervous system.

The TSN correspondent Olga Neskorozhana