Change the energy efficiency requirements would increase the cost of construction in Ukraine

Change the energy efficiency requirements would increase the cost of construction in Ukraine


Prices for construction materials and works can grow to 1-1,5%.

Minregionstroy proposes to introduce in Ukraine a new state construction norms “Thermal insulation of buildings” – the establishment of minimum energy efficiency requirements. Accordingly, it will increase the cost of the construction of 1-1. 5%.

This was during the presentation of the innovations told the Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko.

“Construction may be more expensive. But, according to our calculations, this may be a price increase of 1-1,5%”, – said Zubko, quoted by “Ukrainian news”.

For the introduction of a new standard should take four of the law.

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“New seeker “Thermal insulation of buildings” – is the establishment of minimum energy efficiency requirements for buildings. This is the implementation of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2010/31/EC “On energy performance of buildings”. This application of uniform EU standards for calculation of energy efficiency indicators. In addition, the introduction of the GOS will allow you to use a single software for the entire technological process, definition of energy efficiency, and therefore, all market participants will be able to work in a common field,” said Zubko.

GOS “Thermal insulation of buildings” provides requirements for energy efficiency and thermal performance of walling (insulating sheath) of buildings and structures and the procedure of their calculation; intended for use in the design of buildings and structures, which are heated, air-conditioned and cooled, during new construction, reconstruction, modernization, capital repairs, including the cost of fuel and energy resources and conducting energy audit of buildings and structures.

Zubko assured that the savings in payment of utility services when operating energy-efficient home will cover the increase in prices for construction.