British guy with the bionic penis told about a very difficult time after surgery and reaction favorite

Briton Andrew Vogl was born without a penis because of extrophy bladder, said at a morning program on British television, as he lives with a bionic penis. It is reported by the Ladbible.

The man said that the skin of his penis, the surgeons took out of his hand. In the future Andrew plans to put a tattoo on that part of the body where they took the skin that it was not seen and not scared of people.

The hardest part of this whole procedure, the Briton believes that he within two weeks of an erection during arousal.

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Interestingly, Andrew, Phaedra Fabian, after 9 months found out that her boyfriend has a bionic penis of the news in the newspaper. While Andrew still joked: “don’t believe everything you read in the Newspapers”.

“It was a strange moment. I was shocked,” said Phaedra.

The girl admitted that they almost broke up after that, but decided to give the relationship another chance.

We will remind, 44-year-old Andrew Wardle was born with a rare defect – bladder exstrophy – because of which the bladder is not inside the body and outside. That is, Andrew has testicles but no manhood. The man went through a series of operations to he established the bionic penis.