The great snow maze is 2.5 thousand square meters was built in Poland

Polish designers we are waiting for confirmation of the Commission of Guinness world records that they have built the largest snow maze, according to TSN.12.00.

Here you can wander for hours if confused. Adults rely on children’s intuition, someone clever is looking for conductors at the top – how do the maze at a glance. Someone is counting on the help of new technologies.

“Somebody was GPS, before us was a man,” says a visitor to the maze.

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There are several tactics of finding a way out of the maze. One of them is to keep to the left. But the builders know that most people look for an exit at random and therefore made the walls so high to the end of the maze it was impossible to discern.

Pan Jozef knows exactly where the exit is. He has a map on which he together with other artists took the maze.

“Here recently there was a case when one and a half hours people were lost and we had to carry them to the exit. Because an hour in sub-zero temperatures cold. Got lost and everything,” says the man.

A month ago, Napoleon’s plans for wizards almost ruined the winter sun, but now the frost giant saves this design. These walls are 60 thousand units of snow, which were collected together in the puzzle.

“We have the snow guns. And we use them to form blocks. 5 weeks 10 hours worked”, – says the Builder of the snow maze.

And still expand the maze to further confuse travelers.