Klimkin did not see the point in step-by-step lifting of sanctions against Russia by the proposal of Austria

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin sees no point in a step-by-step lifting of sanctions against Russia, as suggested earlier, the Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

He said this in an interview with the Austrian magazine Profil, the translation of which published the press service of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

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“I do not see sense. Russia insists that it is neither a party to the conflict, shows no remorse or willingness to fix what she’d done. That is, we want to sweeten Russia what she doesn’t even want to listen. We make a step toward to those who continue insisting on their right to redraw the boundaries of Europe and at its own discretion, attack their neighbors. If we want to encourage the criminal to the one this year killed less than in the past. Isn’t that twisted logic?” — said Klimkin.

According to the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry right now would be to go back to the basics of international law.

“The correct logic would be to force the offender to go back to the basics of international law and to correct their crimes. Only then could argue for mitigation of punishment,” he said.

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On the question of what would make Russia, Klimkin said: “Quite simply. To withdraw from the Donbass troops – regardless of “vacation” or not, to return the Ukrainian control over the Ukrainian border, to de-occupy the Crimea. It is just the beginning”.

In addition, Klimkin explained the importance of sanctions against Russia.

“The EU sanctions is one of two reasons that Russia is not much closer access to the EU borders. The first reason is Ukraine’s readiness to defend. The second is the feeling that any violation of international law will have financial consequences. If it were not for sanctions, the temptation to “create facts on the ground” would be for Putin much more. We should not forget also about the moral aspect. Sanctions are the only line between good and evil, peace and war, which in this situation was conducted by the European Union. No sanctions – no difference between good and evil, you can do anything you want”, — he explained.

We will remind, head the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that Russia is “fair” imposed countermeasures against the EU sanctions and is not going to remove them first.