Belarusian opposition Statkevich has revealed one of the versions of murder of the journalist Sheremet

Belarusian opposition leader, former political prisoner and former candidate for the presidency in 2010 Nikolai Statkevich said that the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet involved people who funded the website “Belarusian partisan”.

He said this in an interview with TSN.ia.

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“There is one version which seems the most likely interpretation of this attack. Definitely strange to me that the attack was carried out to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. Your country is at war, thousands died, but one man, I’m sorry already, though not the most well-known Ukrainian journalist, does the situation in the country destabilizie. I think it has to do with the Belarusian and the Moscow Affairs”, — said Statkevich.

“The fact that Sheremet was in fact the owner of the Belarusian website “Belarusian partisan”, very opposition against Lukashenko. And he number of admissions was the first before his death Sheremet and now. But that was not the main reason. We need to look at the history of this site. It was created in Moscow. And it was financed by Russian funds. This site has taken a Patriotic position, however, had its own political line, which persistently pursued, some politicians “raised” some “satiri”. And money for this site went through certain intermediaries and it is possible that these mediators have been associated with the Russian special services,” — said the oppositionist.

According to him, Sheremet and he could not know this, however, received good funding, so caught up with other popular Belarusian websites, in particular “Хартию97”.