Trump called Iran a terrorist state number 1

The US President Donald trump called Iran “a terrorist state number one.”

About it reports Fox News.

“Iran has absolutely no respect for our country. He is a terrorist state number one. He is investing in weapons,” − said trump.

The US President promised to act against Tehran from the position of sanctions. “We have already started to do it,” he said.

Trump also said that he would not warn in advance about their actions. “I have always criticized President Barack Obama for what he in advance informed about the deployment of troops in Mosul or in other places. Indicate the day and time. I never believed in it”, − concluded the President of the United States.

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Iran continues to test missiles, despite U.S. sanctions

Earlier, Iran carried out a test launch of a ballistic missile medium-range missiles, which can carry a nuclear warhead. In this regard, the US administration has introduced a new package of sanctions against Iran, which introduced restrictions against 13 individuals and 12 companies.

Against this background, the Minister of defense stated that Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, noting that the United States does not have plans to increase the number of troops in the middle East in response.