The white house asked intelligence “invasion” of Poland in Belarus in favor of the Kremlin – AP

Senior American officials were interested in intelligence, how to improve relations with Russia and asked about the “invasion” of Poland in Belarus.

It is reported by The Associated Press.

“Some of the first steps of the administration trump raise concerns”, – the newspaper writes.

In particular, advisors on national security has requested information on the Polish “invasion” in Belarus.

“A surprising request, given that no evidence of such invasion does not exist. Poland is a country where concerned sympathetic tone trump for Russia”, – says the publication.

“The white house asked intelligence information about the invasion of a loyal NATO ally in Belarus, which exists only in the fevered imagination of the Kremlin,” said a former intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer of the national security Agency of the USA John Schindler.

American journalist Dane Secretly believes that it can be “create a ground for justification of Putin’s policy of expansion, to “protect” Belarus”.

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