Avdeevka coke warned of serious problems from the impending frost

Avdiivka coke plant is in preservation mode: start the second part is technically impossible.

This was announced by the General Director Musa Magomedov in Facebook.

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“As for Avdiivka coke – we’re still in conservation mode. Start the second part of the plant with GLP-1 is technically impossible, the jumper on GLP-2 may transfer not more than 10 megawatts. The amount of coke oven gas at the same time not allow warm and the batteries and the town, so the impending cold can bring serious problems. For us and for the city,” he warned.

January 30 fighters killed in Avdiivka last line of supply, which energizes Avdiivka coke plant. Then the city was left without heat, water and light. Now the line has been restored, and with it – heat and gas in the apartments. Water include on schedule.