“Filled up the Board”. SBU has published the recording of the conversation Carpenter about downed IL-76

SBU has published the snippets of conversations of the leader “LNR” Igor Carpenter with his henchmen, in which they talk about the downed aircraft of the Armed forces of Ukraine IL-76.

Investigators have obtained irrefutable evidence that the leader of “LNR” Carpenter, who at the time of the crime was the commander of the “battalion “dawn”, together with Andrey Patrushev (then his Deputy) and the commander of an illegal armed formation “Vityaz” Alexander by Garaevym was one of the organizers of the terrorist act of attack of the aircraft APU IL-76 in 2014.

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The court was told how long the trial against the leader of “LNR” Carpenter

“To cut off the ATO forces, they staged an ambush and managed teams of fighters armed with MANPADS, blocked air service airport Lugansk”, – stated in the message.

In particular, on account of the militant leaders and discuss how the plane was shot down and how are you going to turn him in the wreckage for scrap.

In the river investigators have completed pre-trial investigation of criminal proceedings against Carpenter and two commanders of illegal armed groups in the shot down in 2014 of the IL-76 Armed forces of Ukraine. The indictment against terrorists approved by the Prosecutor’s office of Dnipropetrovsk region and sent to court. The actions of these individuals designated as a terrorist crime under part 3 St. 258 UK of Ukraine.

Recall that in June 2014 during a landing approach to the Luhansk airport portable is antiaircraft a-rocket complex of militants were struck military transport aircraft IL-76 Armed forces of Ukraine. The plane caught fire and fell, nine crew members and forty soldiers were killed.