Gontareva told about a probable future “labaneh” banks

The head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva says that if Ukraine will decide to admit the insolvent banks and to liquidate them, it will be the small financial institutions. The withdrawal of these banks from the market will have a significant impact on the overall situation in the industry and the economy of the state as a whole.

About this Gontareva said in an interview ЛИГА.net.

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“We have 40 banks by assets made up 97% of the entire system. From the first summit you have seen, those who did not survive. Twenty-second took the test January 1, 2017. Went “platinum” and “Fortuna-Bank”. Left banks, which make up 3% of the assets of the system,” – said the head of the NBU.

Probable withdrawal from the market of these small banks have no influence on the banking and currency markets will not do.

Gontareva also said the estimated timing of the sale of “PrivatBank” and any potential new investor.