In Britain, a visitor stumbled upon the sex of the staff in Pizza Hut and released a video of the moment

In Bristol, in the UK, the visitor went into a popular chain of Pizza Hut and there he found two staff members who were engaged in sex. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the publication, music producer ACE brown shot himself on camera as he entered the room. So, he saw no one in the place, shouted, who is there, and headed to the kitchen. There, according to him, he came across employees who had sex.

Then the staff asked ACE brown to leave the room, because there can’t be a stranger, and remove video. Instead, the man posted it on Facebook, where it gathered thousands of views.

A representative of Pizza Hut, in turn, said that she knows about the video, but it can confirm that there is no evidence that employees were having sex and allegations against employees are incorrect.

While studying the footage to the police.

We will remind, in the USA the student demanded of the teacher more than 27 thousand dollars for the concealment of their sexual relations.