ProCredit Bank transferred all cash operations in the zone 24/7

Company news

In the center of Kiev on the square of Leo Tolstoy began the work of the new branch of ProCredit Bank, which combines unique on the Ukrainian market innovative solutions in the areas of self-service 24/7. The opening of this office is significant for the Bank, because this event completes the transition of all operations with cash in self-service areas 24/7 in all branches of the Bank.

“Like all banks in the ProCredit group, we will stimulate the development of cashless payments. Almost all operations we have moved from offices in the area of self-service and online banking. Staff advise clients, sign contracts, but cash transactions are not carried out”, – says the launch of the new offices Viktor Ponomarenko, Chairman of the management Board of ProCredit Bank.

Today the zone 24/7 in all branches of the Bank include:

– ATM replenishment function, which as legal entities, and private clients can obtain cash and Deposit funds up to 25 000 UAH by card ProCredit Bank.

– electronic safe Deposit box, with which you can Fund your account in local currency up to 150,000 UAH. opened in ProCredit Bank.

– safe Deposit box – a unique service for businesses that allows you to quickly and safely recharge cash (sales revenue, etc.) for the sum to 700 000 UAH.

– Internet banking terminal, which allows individuals to perform all operations on personal accounts through the Internet banking and print the statement or the Deposit agreement;

– area Wi-Fi for quick access to Internet banking.

Clients of ProCredit Bank have already appreciated the innovation.

“Self-service is convenient because You are tied to the mode of operation of the Bank and can go to the Bank at any convenient time for You is a definite plus. Somewhere in 30% of cases, you are unable to come during working hours. Then after work in a relaxed mode, go to the Bank, Deposit or withdraw cash, make a transfer or open a Deposit — so You can save both your time and the time of employees of the Bank – notes Oles Tymoshenko, the representative of the company “Svit-agro”.

“We have 250 employees who are participants of the salary project. At least they all use Bank cards. And, of course, very conveniently, all branches are open 24 hours a day, it is possible to transfer funds, to save them. I like it,” says Andrew Reasonable, the representative of the company “valartin Pharma”.

ProCredit Bank is actively investing in the modernization and technical re-equipment of their business. As a consequence, all Bank branches are equipped with comfortable, safe and multipurpose area 24/7, which allowed no longer carry out cash transactions in the operating room, say in a financial institution.


ProCredit Bank – a Bank with 100% foreign capital (Germany). In addition to lending and servicing small and medium businesses, the Bank offers investors favorable terms of allocation of funds and guarantee of their safety in the German Bank. Support of shareholders (ProCredit holding, Germany; German state Bank of development KfW, Germany), belonging to the international ProCredit group and supervision by the Federal financial supervision authority of Germany, BaFin is to guarantee stability and reliability of ProCredit Bank.