In the center of Kiev activists poured “blood” and the door shut to the office of a Russian Bank

In the center of Kiev on the corner of Pushkinskaya street and Shevchenko Boulevard, approximately 50 activists of the “National body” poured red paint on the walls of the building of the Russian VTB Bank, as well as using the welder welded the doors and the gate to the yard.

In addition, representatives of the organization pasted the Windows and doors of the Bank stickers with the image of the Kremlin and the inscription: “Attention. This Bank of the aggressor. It will be closed. Urgently take your money,” according to ASN.

Besides, the activists set up iron piles, attaching them to the bars on the doors with chains, and hung a sign “Welcome to Russia”.

According to representatives of the “National body”, the Russian banks should not work in Ukraine, as funded by the Russian aggression in the Donbas.

During protest action near the building of the Bank also were on duty about 10 law enforcement officers, however, merely observed the actions of the activists who after the rally dispersed.

We will remind, earlier in Kiev, the activists poured paint also, the Russian “BM Bank”, which is located on Victory square. In the Bank declined to comment.