The shelling is a war crime and a violation of the Geneva Convention – klympush-Tsintsadze

The shelling by Russian troops of the Town of Minsk agreements prohibited weapons can be qualified as a war crime.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze during the session of the European Parliament Subcommittee on security and defence.

“These attacks were inhuman because he was fired even centres for the provision of humanitarian assistance. We believe that particularly disturbing was the fact that Russian soldiers were not allowed to repair the power supply system for the people, and there was a risk of environmental and human accidents, if not for the efforts that have been made in order to avoid this”, – she said and added that the Ukrainian side 44 times asked for a cease-fire to conduct a renewable work.

According to klympush-Tsintsadze, what happened in the town, “can be qualified as a war crime and a violation of the Geneva Convention of 1949”.

The Vice Prime Minister noted that the Ukrainian side insisted on an urgent meeting of the Tripartite contact group, but Russia did not see the need.

“This again shows how they are not ready to make the Minsk agreement was done… does not need to recall the necessity of fulfilling the Minsk agreements,” – said klympush-Tsintsadze.

She also noted that the Russian aggression “remains the biggest challenge not only for us but for the entire civilized world.”

“This deterioration in the plant demonstrated the use by Russian forces of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, in particular large caliber projectiles, reactive systems of volley fire, cannons more than 120 millimetres and tanks. Again, it is prohibited by the Minsk agreements”, – emphasized Vice-the Prime Minister, adding that the attacks were carried out not only Ukrainian military but also civilians.

We will remind, as of February 5 due to the shelling in Avdiivka was damaged about 180 houses and flats. January 30 fighters killed in Avdiivka last line of supply, which energizes Avdiivka coke plant. Then the city was left without heat, water and light.