The hell of war. Week of shelling in Avdeevka facts and figures

During the last five days of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region, which is constantly shelled the rebels voluntarily evacuated 248 people, including 118 children. In total, the city is home to about 16 thousand inhabitants.

“Today in the morning we were taken from the Town of 24 people (10 kids, 14 adults). These people are mainly located in the resorts of the “Holy Mountain”, “emerald city” and “the Pearl of the Donetsk region”, – wrote in Facebook the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi.

During the week the doctors provided assistance to 675 people. Among them, with wounds after the shelling turned four.

“The hospital is provided with all necessary medicines, feeding the hospitals provide powerful generators. In Avdeyevka in the normal working mode of the Department of the Treasury, “Ukrposhta”, hospital, police, sewage pumping station, filtration station. Yesterday our town had two schools – No. 7 and No. 1, and they studied 228 children. On Monday, if possible, run and other schools and kindergartens. Schools and institutions have been provided with bomb shelters. SSES connected 24 mobile generator near all social facilities of the Town. The city has 11 points of heating of the population,” said zhebrivskyi.

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Ukrainian military repulsed the assault on militants near Avdeevka

The lighting in the plant is still there, because the militants are constantly shelling the city to repair life-threatening.

“Today electricians along with employees of gschs again went to the place of impulse power lines to restore electricity to the Town. There were two impulse lines. Installers power companies prepared for the repair, but when one of them climbed on a electricity pylon, Russian mercenaries, despite the guarantees of the cease-fire, opened fire on it. Fortunately, the installer has not received wounds, but repair work had to be stopped and at 14:45 the brigade was forced back. Getting ready tomorrow to get back to repair power lines,” said zhebrivskyi.

Note that in the last five days , the militants fired on Ukrainian military positions near Avdiivka and the city 7,5 thousand ammunition (345 tons). That filled eight train cars.