The shelling of Sartana: the militants “Grad” plowed the local cemetery

Ukrainian Marines state continuous aggravation of the situation in the southern sector of the front ATO compare the fighting with the first year of the war. The militants actively used rocket artillery against not only the positions of the APU, but on civilians in the Ukrainian rear, says the story TSN.19:30.

“The situation is aggravated with each passing day more and more. You can feel it. In 2014, this was not” – says the fighter battalion of the marine corps with a call sign “Torch”. Its sister “stone” is constantly watching where are you flying from heavy shells is occupied Sahanka, Kominternove and ring. “Infantry fighting continues almost around the clock. Also connect the tanks, cannon artillery, infantry fighting vehicles” – describes today’s military realities of the marine. They have to quickly hide from the murderous attacks and sit in shelters, while there is a RAID by enemy artillery.