To clear the capital of snow, the utility brought all the equipment and people

Cleaning of streets and roads of the capital has mobilized all available equipment and people.

It is reported by the KSCA.

It is noted that since the previous evening “kievavtodor” continuously processed and cleansed the streets of the capital from the snow.

With Monday night 267 pieces of equipment and crews for manual cleaning of QA “kievavtodor” continuously work on the road network of the city.

Night road cleaned columns snowplows, composed of 5-9 cars. In the morning the column broke up into smaller, composed of up to 3 units of special equipment so as not to interfere with the movement of cars.

Meanwhile, crews for manual cleaning and tractors with special equipment are working on the sidewalks and bus stops.

At KCSA say that the road continue to work in the strengthened mode, for cleaning the streets has mobilized all available equipment and people.

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