Cotton balls and cigarettes instead of food. The model spoke about torture on the way to a successful career

Being a beautiful model can be a terrible job. This is stated in the article the New York Post.

“I saw 16-year-old model almost killed himself. She was eating cotton balls in order to survive,” said 27-year-old model Sonny Pedersen.

In the stomach the balloons are expanding, which creates a feeling of saturation. And the eating cotton balls is just one of many methods that use a model to not gain weight.

In the fashion world there is fierce competition, so the models go all out to participate in the show. Once they get a place on the podium, they often have to endure difficult conditions and receive little pay.

“Models go through hell to stay slim,” – said Pedersen, who also walked the runway in numerous shows at new York fashion week.

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The girl remembered how one day her neighbor, also a model, drank a lot of laxative medicines and about 12 hours spent in the bathroom, where she screamed in pain.

“I was so scared for her – she was so obsessed with their weight. She wrote down how much water she drank. It’s scary,” says Pedersen.

When Pedersen came to new York, she was so desperate to get on the podium, that lived on a daily ration of 20 cigarettes, a Cup of coffee and something else small. Then she weighed only 45 kg with height 180 cm it hurt Her to even sit down.

Now she weighs 54 kg, and still sometimes referred to Tolstoy as a model.

Another model, whose name was not called, said that once she had ceased menstruation due to the fact that she wasn’t eating.

According to Pedersen, the majority of models don’t eat more than one Apple a day, cutting it to pieces. Some designers even prohibit models, to drink any liquid the day of the show.

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However, in the world of fashion the almost total absence of food is not the only torture. One model, whose name also was not called, told about a friend who appeared in the Kanye West show in September last year. No one asked her Shoe size in advance, and it all shows had to wear shoes size 35, while the foot size was 39.

In addition, it is not enough to be beautiful to be a model. Often the name of the girl should be a Jenner or Hadid, or they should have been published in the prestigious glossy magazines.

“Some shows are not paid at all,” said Pedersen.

I got paid in clothes.

But the competition in the fashion world is cruel, so it is usually a model putting up with this treatment.

“You’re nobody, just a beautiful hanger,” says Pedersen.

“But when you go to the podium, the experience was incredible,” – said the girl.

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