Danyluk punished naughty Nasirov for the trip to the inauguration of the trump

The head of the DFS of the Roman Nasirov can be fired because of his visit to the US.

About this said Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk during the press conference.

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“In order to reform the SFS, it is necessary to understand how, you need to have the ability to do it. But we still need the commitment to change. What in practice? After we have carried out a difficult the law (anticorruption act relating to tax changes – ed.) through the Verkhovna Rada and now is the time to implement it, where the head of the Fiscal service? In America. Instead of realizing the goal that he put the Ministry of Finance, the government, the Verkhovna Rada, he is engaged in self-PR,” – said the Minister.

Danilyuk noted that the head of the DFS went to the USA on vacation, without coordinating his visit with the Minister of Finance, which coordinates its activities, and also with the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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“It is a legal requirement. It is a gross violation. Second, he went to the inauguration of the President of the United States. There is nothing wrong, but it’s pretty expensive. Where he was, worth about 250 thousand dollars. Not a small amount. As she declared?” – said danyluk.

Thus, Nasirov will attract disciplinary action. If he gets a second reprimand may be dismissed.

“I presented the key factors of effectiveness that we have set for the SFS that was developed jointly with the IMF is a strategic partner of GFS. Report on these indicators has not occurred. As the Ministry of Finance we will survive this, but it is also important for the public to monitor how the reform of the SFS. Of course, it is easier to pull out any figures, opportunistic and present success, but reporting on these indicators showed what happens if there really is progress, whether payers. This order was not fulfilled, as was done a number of other instructions that were given to the head of the SFS. Therefore, for the systematic violation of the orders of the Minister of Finance, which are binding and inconsistent out of office, I, according to the law, initiated before the Cabinet Nasirov attraction to a disciplinary responsibility. If after this is done any conclusions, the second reprimand is liberation ” – said the Minister of Finance.