The Minister of Finance called a space amount that could pay Nasirov for a ticket to the inauguration of the trump

Between Finance Minister Alexander Danyluk and head of the State fiscal service of the Roman Nasirov sparked public scandal. Danyluk has accused his subordinate that no permit (requires legislation) left the Ukraine and flew to the inauguration of the newly elected U.S. President Donald trump. Ticket to the event Nasirova could do in 250 thousand dollars, or almost 7 million UAH.

“He went on vacation without consulting the Minister of Finance, which coordinates its activities, and also the Prime Minister of Ukraine. This is a requirement of the legislation. It is a gross violation. Second, he went to the inauguration of the President of the United States. There is nothing wrong, but it’s pretty expensive. That (place) where he was worth about 250 thousand dollars. Not a small amount. And it is declared? It is necessary for the public to follow. If not, if it was free? But I want to first ask why the head of the tax service of Ukraine are invited to such an event? Free. Maybe it’s the service? Maybe it’s a gift? So the law directly forbids to accept such gifts and such facilities” – said at a press conference danyluk.

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The Minister said that Nasirov also attended the traditional prayer Breakfast trump.

“On this course, tourism is not over. Had to have Breakfast. It is also not a cheap pleasure. You understand that for me this is extremely important. For Ukraine it is important. According to the law, as coordinating Minister, I have to contact the NAPC and the NEB with the appropriate treatment that they reviewed the situation”, – said danyluk.

It also became known that danyluk punished naughty Nasirov for the trip to the inauguration of the trump.