In Kiev, dozens of children were poisoned in school canteen

A mass poisoning occurred in the capital and 30 children got poisoned in the school cafeteria, four of them are still in hospital, says TSN.16:45.

Doctors say they are almost healthy and in the coming days, parents should take them home.

Weekend in the children’s infectious diseases ward were pupils of three boarding schools – music school named after Lysenko, ballet school and the art school named after Shevchenko. They are located nearby and the children ate in the same dining room, and feed them a private company under contract.

It was his leadership of blame in the current situation in the State food service after the inspection of the conditions in which cooked food.

“Violations of the mode of storing and preparing these products. Abandoned equipment that was not updated for almost 10 years. Data breaches that were identified indicate a violation of the law, which contributed to the infection of children”, – said the head of the Kiev management of Directorului Oleg Ruban.

The results of samples that should explain what caused the intestinal disease will be known on Wednesday. Yet all three schools have been closed, and is investigating the case of the poisoning of the national police.

“Talking about the poisoning early. It is suspected that this stomach flu. Talk about poisoning on the 9th day after the charges of all tests, water samples, samples of food,” – said the Deputy Director of the choreographic school Igor Mushrooms.