Poroshenko of Ukraine declared that new income from Bank deposits

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has filed a Supplement to their electronic declarations indicated a new income received as interest from deposits.

In particular, Poroshenko indicated that he had received 377 732 thousand UAH per cent of the two amounts. The money the state holds in its own “International investment Bank”. In the electronic Declaration for 2015 that the President submitted last year in the autumn, he pointed out that the accounts in the MIB holds 540 478 thousand UAH 26 mln 324 thousand and $ 870 14 372 thousand euros. Cash – UAH 900 thousand and 60 thousand dollars.

Received Groisman interest in the amount of 102 thousand 772 UAH. The money he keeps in the state “Oshchadbank”. In return for the 2015 Prime Minister pointed out that the holding in banks to 2 million 136 thousand UAH 413 thousand euros and 16.2. Cash – 2 million 380 thousand UAH, 870 thousand and $ 460 thousand euros.