In Parliament, the BPP argued with Self-help because of the railway blockade and paruby scolded truants

The blockade and the General situation on the Eastern front became the main topics for discussion at the session of the Verkhovna Rada, which opened today, according to TSN.12:00.

The meeting discussed the shelling of the Town. Speaker Andrew paruby after a leading channel FoxNews called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “Kremlin killer.” Deputies observed the victims in the town of military and civilian with a moment of silence. The people’s Deputy Oksana Korchynska showed from the rostrum of the shrapnel, which is fired at Avdeevka item of humanitarian assistance.

Samopomich and the PPB, in turn, argued due to the blockade of the railway communication with the occupied territory. Self-help made for the continuation of the blockade.

“Men in uniform police attacked the veterans. Their fault that they opposed the trade with the occupied territories. Echelon after echelon was on the occupied territory. Do not feed the state, which kills our people”, – said from the rostrum Yegor Sobolev.