Journalists told how the money Ukrainians friends of Putin support the war in the Donbas

Russian businessmen continue to earn on the Ukrainian in the capital of the billions that then invest in the war in the Donbass.

This is stated in the plot of the program “Groshi”.

So, the Russian oligarch Igor Rotenberg bought 46% of shares of “Tula cartridge plant” — one of the largest manufacturers of ammunition in the Russian Federation. It the ammunition used by the militants in Eastern Ukraine.

This is Igor Rotenberg, daily earns on one of the largest shopping centers of Kiev.

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We will note that Igor Rotenberg — one of the richest businessmen of Russia, the son of an influential Kremlin oligarch and long-time friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Arkady Rotenberg.

It was during the presidency of Putin, the Rotenberg clan has reached unprecedented heights in business: they are the shareholders of powerful engineering companies in the oil and gas and aviation industries, have their own Bank and have a scandalous Corporation “TPS Property”, which is building shopping centers in Russia and Ukraine.