The anniversary of the tragedy: how advanced the investigation is about the murder of a police passenger BMW

A year ago a story about a chase through Kiev dozens of shots at the BMW and the death of her 17-year-old passenger has divided society in half. Some spoke in defense of the guys in the car, while others supported the actions of the patrol, said in the story TSN.19:30.

“Today we came – and came a black cat, actually quite by accident. We brought him chips, he loved the chips – the chips cat even ate there. Well, soul has come today”, – told mother of the victim Lyudmila Medvedev. She is already a year waiting for the trial of a police officer Sergei Oleinik, who was shot in the car with her son. “He then gave an interview and said that still would have done so. He didn’t approach. The lawyers with his hand said sorry,” she says. “He’s a murderer. Two bullets in the child. The sieve was made. Not that tried to stop – it was the executions,” added the brother of the deceased Leonid Medvedev.