The German Ambassador lost its memory. Politicians are outraged by the statement Reichel about the elections in the Donbass

The statement of the Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine Ernst Reichel on the elections in the Donbass has caused a wave of indignation from the Ukrainian figures. As you know, the diplomat offered to hold elections in the occupied territories under the supervision of the Russian military.

Presidential adviser Volodymyr Horbulin said that this position of the diplomat for Ukraine is absolutely unacceptable.

“My dear Reichel, I think your point is trying to impose on Ukrainian society. He is deeply mistaken. The conditions that he suggested, from my point of view, neither our government nor our society can not accept,” said said in the broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

The head of the democratic Alliance Vasyl Gatsko believes that the proposed Reichel variant of election is the step that the Ukrainian government can not agree in any way, as this will cause the indignation of Ukrainians – “factor vzryvnye and stronger Kremlin pressure.”

“There are certain red lines beyond which authorities are not allowed. Elections in Donbass under the muzzles of Russian machines is one of them. As a matter of our national sovereignty. Received the blood of many generations. German diplomats obviously did not understand,” wrote Gatsko on his page in Facebook.

A member of the BPP Alexander Briginets reminded the diplomat that he cited a historical example of the German democratic Republic, where “parliamentary elections took place in the presence of the Western group of Soviet troops and the then Communist regime, but led to his change” was not so rosy as painted Reichel.

“The German Ambassador lost its memory: it has forgotten that while in the GDR was the Soviet troops, the East Germans unanimously voted for socialism and the Kremlin, and as soon as troops withdrew – voted for capitalism, the unification of Germany and joined NATO. And the Donbas and Crimea are not? Who but the Germans must know what it is to live and vote under the control of the occupation forces,” wrote the bryhynets in Facebook.

Bryhynets colleague on fraction Vladimir Aryev reminded Reichel adopted PACE resolutions on Ukraine, which States the impossibility to hold elections under occupation.

“I appeal to the esteemed Mr. Ambassador, to further consider the above documents respected international organization,” said the Ariev.

Journalist and political analyst Kirill Sazonov proposed the variant – yours and ours. Let the elections take place, but to participate in them will be only half a million IDPs in government-controlled territory.

“The holding of elections in occupied territory of Donbass is possible before the withdrawal of the Russian military units. This was stated by Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Germany to Ukraine Ernst Reichel. Here such pies with kittens. And no one doubted that our partners want to resolve the conflict at the expense of Ukraine. And will put pressure on us,” said Sazonov.

We recall the statement of Ernst Reichel criticised in Parliament by MP Hanna hopko from the rostrum of Parliament urged the Ministry of foreign Affairs to summon the diplomat “on the carpet”, and also to boycott the reception at the Ambassador on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The foreign Ministry heard the call and summoned the German Ambassador for explanations “of a number of incorrect statements.”