The Poltorak has denied the detention of the “LC” major APU, which allegedly undermined their “policeman”

In occupied Luhansk could not hold any of the major Armed forces of Ukraine, which allegedly eliminated the “leader” national militia” terrorist “LNR” Oleg Anishchenko.

The fact that all Ukrainian military personnel are at performing their tasks. This was stated press Secretary of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine, Colonel Victoria Kushnir, reports “Observer”.

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OSCE observers did not see the remains of the main “policeman”, “LC” at the blast site

Consequently, in the occupied Lugansk none of the major Ukrainian could not be located.

“All our soldiers are in performing their tasks. We can’t say that someone was arrested. We all call and say that this is a definite fake”, — said Kushnir.

We will add that in the Russian media after the explosion has spread the information that on 5 February as a result of “intercept” was allegedly arrested the mayor of the APU. Media reported that he allegedly confessed to the execution and organization of the “murder.”

Recall, February 4, in the occupied Lugansk, a powerful explosion occurred. As it turned out, was undermined the car in which the terrorists were “head of the people’s militia LNR” Oleg Anishchenko. The rebels reported his death on the spot and blamed the “Ukrainian punishers”.

However, observers of the special monitoring mission of OSCE saw no bodies or traces of blood in the car of the chief of the “people’s militia LNR” Oleg Anasarca after the explosion.