Bloody revenge. Wild animals mauled the Python because he had swallowed a pig

In the Eastern part of Thailand witnesses took bloody revenge flocks of wild boar, which tore Python. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Before being torn to pieces, the Python swallowing a baby wild pigs. Because of this artiodactyls was outraged and tore the reptile to pieces.

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The footage you can even see a small bulge in the belly of the snake, which is the last meal in the life of the animal.

It is noted that the Python had no chance of survival before the massive jaws of wild boars.

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In the video you can also see that even the tiny piglets joined in the attack of the snake, which shudders in the throes of agony.

Warning, content contains violence. Not recommended for persons under 16 years of age.

We will remind, earlier researchers have published online a video of how a Texas Indigo snake pretends to be dead when she is in danger. At the same time, scientists warn people away from touch snakes and please do not intimidate them, since feign death is a severe stress for reptiles.