How to choose a reliable insurance company in Ukraine

Company news

In Ukraine quite often clients are faced with a situation where they are forced to deal with the problems, which undertook to deal with their insurance company.

Only in 2015 the number of insurers decreased by 5%, or 21 company.

Vice-President of the insurance company “AXA Insurance” Vyacheslav Gavrilenko identified several basic points that you should pay attention when choosing insurance.

The activities of the company

First, you should learn how long the company has been in the insurance market, in particular, in Ukraine. It is equally important to consider how long the company has been in some type of insurance. Another prerequisite is the open access to data about its owners.

For example, to check whether the license of the company because without it to engage in insurance activities the company has no right. The license must be available to customers as the company website and customer service centers.

Choosing the risk an insurance company can apply to large Bank and ask what insurance company it provides a choice to customers for auto loans. Thus, it is possible to obtain a list of reliable insurance companies.

Should ask what the rating is of interest to the company insurance payments and, very importantly on payments. An important indicator of the reliability of the company will also be the presence of the reinsurer – financial groups, which are ready in the event of any complications to repay part of the claims.

By the way, to look at the monitoring activities of the company on the website of Motor transport insurance Bureau of Ukraine.

The availability of information about the company

With regard to the openness of the company – you should check how easy it is for potential clients to see the financial performance of the company, managers, statistics and other data. The openness of the company will let you know how successful her business if she has nothing to hide.

Financial indicators must be available on the company website.

Experts also suggest to pay attention to large insurance companies, preferably with international capital, as they provide European level of service and often offer additional bonuses and promotions.


Not excessive in the search will be the analysis of the service company. For this you can visit the office and pay attention to the level of service and how the professionals work with clients to answer their questions.

If the company website has reviews or customer questions to analyze answers directly to the managers of insurance companies, how they meet operational and policy presented by company.


It is important to pay attention to the tariffs of the company, as too low prices relative to the average can be a sign of financial problems of the company, or the disadvantage of the client of the contract.


Another important indicator of how much customers are satisfied with the service. You can visit various thematic forums on the Internet.

Try asking the clients three things: how fast the payment arrives after the accident, what additional documents requested by the insurer and paid the damage in full.

Not be amiss to know if any of the clients of the insurance well-known companies, because they can be a kind of guarantee of the success of the insurance market.

The terms of the contract

Determine the company to buy policies only in the official representative offices of the company, either through the official websites of the companies.

From my own experience – study the contract carefully and clarify any unclear or controversial issues in the document. This is important because many customers are caught that they did not grasp the meaning of the contract. Often the fine print in the contract can be spelled out items that will allow insurance practically to evade payment. For example, the payment may not be effected if the customer is in breach of the SDA. And if proven market leaders limitations relate mainly to unacceptable violations of traffic regulations, for example, driving in condition of alcoholic intoxication or under the influence of drugs, then there are other companies that have a list of exceptions consists of a more extensive list.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, it is better to show the contract before the conclusion a lawyer who knows exactly what moments to pay attention to.

I should add, if about the company, go bad rumors (in the media or on the customer reviews say that the company does not pay), closed information about finances, often changing leadership or offered too low prices, this insurance is likely to be an unreliable company.