Boycott the reception to the German Ambassador Reichel did not exist — the people’s Deputy Leshchenko

The people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey Leshchenko explained why despite calls from his colleagues Hanna hopko in the Verkhovna Rada, again went to the reception to the German Ambassador Ernst Reichel on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Germany.

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So, Leshchenko said that “Euro-optimists no decision to boycott was not accepted. It wasn’t even brought to a vote within MFIs”, — he wrote in comments to the post Victor Shlinchak, Chairman of the Board of the world policy Institute, in Facebook.

Facebook/Viktor Shlinchak

The rebuke concerning the fact that woman was laughing at the time of performance of the MP Hanna hopko, the politician replied: “I laughed because hopko, without authority, on behalf of others announced a boycott which did not exist in nature.”

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Meanwhile, according to messages of Clinchco and Leshchenko, at a reception at the German Ambassador was also present policy Oleg Lyashko, Serhiy Taruta, Nadezhda Savchenko, Victor Pinchuk and others.

Recall, on the eve the Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine Ernst reichl in an interview with one of the editions said that the elections in Donbass can be done even under the supervision of the Russian military.

In response, hopko in Parliament called for a boycott of the reception of the German Ambassador, expressing the position of, in her words, “Committee on European integration, Committee on foreign Affairs and the Ukrainian Parliament.”