Ex-MP has won a court case over 9 hectares of land in Koncha-Zaspa

Nine hectares of land in Koncha Zaspa , the court left the ex-party of regions Gregory Smityuha, which six years ago had to build in the protected forest school for the children of officials. The defendant claims that his promise is still in force, but it is hampered by war, says the story TSN.19:30.

Turn to the school of the “Golden youth” is located at the 24th kilometer of the Metropolitan highway. The school was to open in 2011, but instead still – felled pine trees reserved forest and abandoned appliances. For 10 years, appeared here just a little unfinished for protection. He Smityuh promises to take the object in the spring, because now he supposedly has no money. “The school is built, I hope. Due to a fact that we had such a tragedy: the war and the revolution, the war was delayed for several years our project. A potential investor was scared,” explained the former regions.