Investigators have determined the main version of the murder of journalist Sheremet

The investigation identified the priority version of murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet.

On 8 February, said Deputy head of the National police Alexander Vakulenko, reports pack.

“The investigation is considering the priority version connected with professional activity of mass media on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders,” he said.

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“Deserve the attention of those journalistic investigations that were not completed. Also the version “professional activities of journalists outside of Ukraine”. The publication of the journalist and issues its programmes were critical of the current government in the Republic of Belarus and in the Russian Federation”, — said Vakulenko.

“Critical speech and sound position for expansion of the Russian Federation in Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine are also considered as a version of professional activities of journalists outside of Ukraine”, – he added.

Also, according to the Deputy head of the national police, is a version of “destabilizing the situation in the state, due to the audacity and demonstrative method of murder of the journalist”.

“Repeatedly voiced version of the “error object” and “conflicting situations in personal life”. During the investigation they worked and were not a priority,” said Vakulenko.