The government may consider suggestions of the Finance Committee – the expert


To comment on the prospects of such a communication edition Uainfo asked the political scientist Vladimir Fesenko.

“The Committee Sergey Fishing the first quickly responded to the announcement by the government project, and this method of communication is the norm in developed democracies,” – said the expert. Despite party affiliation or participation in the coalition, the parliamentary committees are primarily a place for professional discussion for assessment of bills, for dialogue with the government. Now even the government is planning to switch to conventional practice in the formation of “white papers” on policy and system bills. That is, the concept of each reform will be discussed with stakeholders, relevant committees and the public, and only then, will form the text of the bill.

The proposals of the Finance Committee of otnositelnosti real sector of the economy, management strategies by state-owned banks – may be included in the new Strategy of the Government. Indeed, after the nationalization of PrivatBank, the state must improve the system of management of all state-owned banks, which together hold a significant market share.

An additional argument for a positive perception of government such recommendations is the approach of the government’s report for first year of operation, to be submitted in two months. This government has to achieve, but there are a number of claims. After a year the Verkhovna Rada will be privatestate the question of the responsibility of the government. In such circumstances, constructive communication with the Parliament, factions and committees is of particular value to the Cabinet. So I can advise other committees to provide recommendations to the government, if they will be realistic” – suggests the expert.