Joined the party “Motorola”. Reaction of social networks on the death of the militants “Givi”

Wednesday, February 8, the illegal commander of a battalion of fighters “DNR” Mikhail Tolstoy with the Callsign “Givi” was destroyed in his office.

In social networks joyfully received this news. Nick joking about that soon in Donetsk will be a monument to security guard of the supermarket “Givi”, and some village renamed in his honor.

@666_mancer now waiting for the monument to security guard of a supermarket in the centre of Donetsk and renaming some villages in Givine or Guide.

— Lisbon (@Lissabon_) 8 Feb 2017

Givi fired from the supermarket

— Captain Dnipro (@DneprNash) 8 Feb 2017

Lift and bumblebee

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 8 Feb 2017

Givi joined the ceasefire.

— NATO soldiers (@odhcpd) on 8 February 2017.

— ZSU – OUR GORDLY! (@UaForces) 8 Feb 2017

The news responded and well-known journalists and publications. Some of them commented on the event, illustrating his gif.

Good morning

— Freestyle redakcija (@svabodka) 8 Feb 2017


Pro-Russian sources say Russian terrorist, war criminal and world-class dancer Mikhail Tolstykh aka. “Givi” killed in Donetsk.

— Julian Röpcke (@JulianRoepcke) 8 Feb 2017

Zakharchenko urgently assemble a party.

— Oleksandr Arhat (@olarhat) 8 Feb 2017

Your thoughts in social networks for this reason was expressed by public figures and politicians.