Kiev, despite the bitter cold and supported the international campaign “Bike to work”

Bike to work in the dead of winter. Kiev announced this event and invited everyone today to go on two-wheeled transport, says TSN.12.00.

In the capital of minus 16, the ice on the road, but it didn’t scare dozen citizens who gathered on the Independence Maidan. There they boasted of their perseverance. Say, commute to work on bicycles, not only once a year, so just come together to show that Kyiv and in the winter must be removed from snow, such as because they are a lot.

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And added that the people of Kiev in the spring of hope in the city to see more bike lanes.

“Today is the international day of “Bike to work”. This is an international event. I dressed the way I dress every day in the same clothes went to work,” said one of the participants.