On the “warm credits” allocated 400 million hryvnia

The government has extended to 2017 the program “warm credits”, which provides for partial reimbursement of funds to individuals, condominiums and housing cooperatives for the modernization of homes. In General allocated UAH 400 million.

With the beginning of the program (October 2014) has issued 163 thousand loans for a total amount of 2.7 billion UAH. About it reports the Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services.

The average heat savings from implementation of energy efficiency measures for the program, which had been in production for condominiums and housing cooperatives were:

— with thermo walls — 24%;

— when designing of individual heating units — 10%;

— when you install energy efficient skloprozoryh structures in the common areas — 14%;

Also recorded substantial savings of electricity for lighting of common areas (71%).

“Today, 95% of condominiums/ZHSK is ready to participate in the program again. After all, 81% of respondents said improving the comfort of their own premises. As for private households, each family participating in the program, thanks to the installation of Windows, replacement of obsolete gas boilers, wall insulation in single-family homes has reduced gas consumption from 16% to 43%, and after replacement of Windows, radiators in apartments of apartment houses — to save up to 24% of heat,” — said Deputy Prime Minister and head of Ministry of regional development Gennady Zubko.

In 2017 will improve the procedure of granting loans, will tighten control over the implementation of energy efficient measures and the use of funds, there will also be a monitoring system for the effectiveness of the program.

Ukraine also needs to establish the energy efficiency Fund is an institution, primarily to provide technical advice under the financial packages.

We will remind that the program of partial compensation of cost of loans for the modernization and measures to improve energy efficiency in the residential sector involves the payment of compensation in the amount of 20% of the loan amount for physical persons in case of purchase of boilers to alternative fuels, 35% – for individuals for individual insulation of the home, 40% for condominiums and housing cooperatives (in the presence of the recipients of grants from 40% to 70%). “Warm loans” issued three state banks – “Oschadbank”, “Ukreximbank” and “Ukrgasbank”. The program must also join nationalized “PrivatBank”.