Shameful arguments and politicized courts: trump criticized the decision of the court on the migration decree

The President of the United States Donald trump of recritical solve American courts due to the cases against his immigration decree and called them “shameful” and the courts “politicized”.

About it writes UKRINFORM.

The American President said that he would be pleased if the court decision “was correct” because it would provide security for the United States.

The White house said that would not want to call the courts are biased or unfair. At the same time, he called the arguments against his decree, “shameful.”

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Earlier, the U.S. justice Department challenged the decision of the Federal judge in Seattle, who ordered to suspend the anti-immigrant decree of trump.

27 January US President Donald trump with his decree banned the arrival in the States citizens from seven, mostly populated by Muslim countries for 90 days. This decision led to a wave of protests at airports across the country.

A number of American courts rendered decisions on the suspension of the controversial decree. Everything, trump dismissed the acting Prosecutor, who criticized the decree.