“Strip, witnesses and accomplices.” Ukrainian politicians reacted to the death of the militants “Givi”

About five in the morning February 8 at his office in the occupied Donetsk were killed the commander of the battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy, known under the Callsign “Givi”.

The militants said that the Cabinet “Givi” explosive device, causing fire occurred. Consequently, they found the charred body Fat.

Some Ukrainian politicians have spoken out on this issue.

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In the “DNR” threatened to punish those responsible for the death of the militants “Givi”

MP from the “Самопомочb” and former battalion commander “Donbass” semen Semenchenko said that death is “Givi” — “this is both good and bad.”

“If Givi did kill, then it’s good and bad. Well now that the scooter is not sad, in hell alone. Together fun. Good job. Why is it bad? No, it’s not that it would be better to judge. Our “judges”, it probably would. After all, no regions, no Russian mercenary, any one head of “Berkut” for three years of war sat down,” — wrote Semenchenko on his page in Facebook.

He emphasizes, however, that bad side is that the leaders of Russian mercenaries removes it FSB.

“The leaders of Russian mercenaries removes the FSB. For what? Naughty? Oh well… it’s Just that these people represent all the horrors of war, all the crimes of the militants 14-15-16 years. All the Ukrainians murder, torture, Grads, flour our prisoners linked to them. So when talking about Minsk, people begin to shout — “to whom Amnesty”? Givi, Motorola, Batman? Who will choose the people’s deputies and judges and policemen?” — said Semenchenko.

According to the MP, FSB destroys the symbols of murder and torture.

“What now? And now there is no character assassinations and torture. There is no “Givi”, no scooter, no brain. But Zakharchenko and Carpentry will go. IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. Or Venezuela. And that’s all. And those that remained, because they do not kill, but simply stood at checkpoints. Here we amnistuyemo. And are we going to do ORDO Chechnya. As Putin. Army buildings converted into militia. And continue to steal billions just under the wing of Putin. But in embroidery and “life”. Instead of aunts and “Berkut” — “people’s police” with ORDA. Well, the ones that he didn’t kill and now type “our people”, — added Semenchenko.

The ex-the battalion commander “Donbass” said that he “applauded the death of “Givi”, if he was hanged in the Central square of Donetsk on the decision of the fair (without the quotes) the Ukrainian court. I would have clapped if it would eliminate our Ukrainian special operations forces. But to applaud the FSB’s special operations, I will not”.

Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Irina Gerashchenko, in turn, said that ORDA “tachimawari witnesses and accomplices.”

The coordinator of group “Information resistance” and MP Dmytro Tymchuk said: “After the elimination of “Motorola” queue “Givi” was inevitable. Too obviously broke the monopoly of Zakharchenko on licking the ass of the Russians. Including, demonstrating loyalty to the curators, are constantly violating the orders of Zakharchenko, when he decided to go independent.”

It added that ORDA waited for the elimination of “Givi” opportunity.

“But it was never the opportune moment to remove it with giblets. Avdeevka a chance Zakharchenko gave: “Somalia” Givi even more hated for the aggravation of the stupidity and suicide orders, plus a strange wound. That moment, when over the carcass Givi themselves his subordinates can only heartily rejoice. Zakharchenko, however, does not think that every organized liquidation of the approaching turn of him,” — said Tymchuk.

The Deputy of BP from BPP Volodymyr Ariev also commented on the death of “Givi”.

A member of the BPP Alexander Briginets also said the probable Stripping of the FSB.

Journalist and political analyst Kirill Sazonov, in turn, joked over people’s reactions to the death of “Givi”.

The people’s Deputy Borislav Bereza is not left behind.