Trump will not sit “idly by” and will respond to threats from Iran – the White house

New US leadership will not sit “idly by” and to respond to all threatening violations by Iran as it sees fit.

This was stated by the representative of the administration of US President Sean Spicer, writes UKRINFORM.

“I think that Iran fooling yourself if you do not consider that (in the USA – ed.) the new President,” said Spicer. A White house spokesman accused Iran in contempt of the nuclear agreement, signed with the former administration of President Obama.

“The President (tramp – ed.) will not sit idly by, and will not allow Iran to violate the General plan of action (the Iranian nuclear deal),” – said the representative of the administration in Washington. The Spicer stressed that the current President of the United States will implement its policy as it sees fit.

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The exchange of sanctions: the US and Iran have introduced restrictive measures

Earlier, Iran carried out a test launch of a ballistic missile medium-range missiles, which can carry a nuclear warhead. In this regard, the US administration has introduced a new package of sanctions against Iran, which introduced restrictions against 13 individuals and 12 companies.

Against this background, the Minister of defense stated that Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, noting that the United States does not have plans to increase the number of troops in the middle East in response.